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The marketing world as we know it changes on a daily, nay, hourly basis. Yesterday, Facebook was all the rage; now social influencers have taken our universe by storm; and tomorrow, virtual reality will be utterly ubiquitous. It’s an exciting industry to be a part of, but no doubt it can be overwhelming to keep up with all of the latest trends. Let’s explore a few of these projected shifts for 2018 and how they might be useful for your business.


Live Video + Augmented Reality
The past couple of years have seen the explosion and experimentation of live video on social platforms, and Augmented Reality on mobile apps, with wild success. In the next decade, expect to see a lot more of it—and in different applications—so users can really become a part of the brand experience. When consumers are engulfed in these experiences, not only do they come to associate positive emotions with your brand, but they come to trust it more—which often leads to more sales.

AI Technology

We all predicted (and hoped for) the day robots would become our personal servants, but little did we know they’d also be a huge help when it comes to selling our products and services. This innovative technology can streamline marketing processes by way of extreme personalization; according to VRTY CEO Kingston Lee-Young, “Marketers will be better able to understand the likes and dislikes of a customer and determine what specific branded content should be served to them. Because customers are more loyal when they see marketing specifically targeting them based on their behaviours, these advances will allow marketers to more effectively engage with their prospects and customers”. Of course, this technology isn’t cheap, and any fans of Black Mirror know the horrifying implications, but it’s proven to be very effective in its early implementations.

Cyber Security
After the multitude of security breaches that transpired over the past year (Uber, Deloitte, Heathrow airport), consumers are more fearful than ever about the exploitation of their personal information. Privacy protection will become a major selling point for products and services, and will undoubtedly become dealmakers and breakers during the buyer decision process.

Some other projected trends include: In-car ads, Amazon disrupting the retail landscape, and the increase of LinkedIn usage, voice-activated marketing, loyalty programs and Content Marketing.

Marketing trends come and go, and some have more holding power than others, but what has stayed true over time is that ultimately consumers want transparency, appreciation and convenience. Deliver on these values, while keeping your finger on the marketing pulse, and customers will be loyal for years to come. Let’s see what 2018 has in store!

Marketing in 2018: What's Next?

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